Week 4

1. Outfit design

Week4 2.JPG

2.Using a window as a blank canvas

Week4 5

3. Draw a line

Week4 6

4.Create sth. with others (I can’t upload the youtube video here because my computer can’t connect the VPN, I sent it to professor by email.)


5.Interview (I can’t upload this video either, so I also sent it to professor)

Here’s is the text translation form

I only knew that dad has own company, but I never asked him about what exactly does he do. Today I’m going to ask him several questions to get to know his job. I’ll ask him in Chinese, and translate our conversation into English later.

Q1 Which field is your work in, industry, transportation, commerce or construction?

My job is in the construction, but there is also a small part of the trade, but construction is the main part.

So the main part is construction, but also included a little bit of commerce, right?


Q2 Do you enjoy your job? Do you think your job as a process of realizing your dream, or just a way for living?

Yes, I do like my job. Because when you really enjoy doing something, you can do it better. But strictly speaking, it is more a way of survival.

Q3 What do you think is the most important thing in managing a company’s employees?

I think rules is the most important thing. There is a famous saying in China that, nothing can be accomplished without rules. Anything else, like feelings and execution only exists under the rules. Rules always stay at the first place.

Q4 If you could start over from 20 years old, which field would you choose? Would you going to choose another field? Because I know that you like art as much as I do.

From the experience of an adult, like me, it’s hard to say. Ideals are important, but so are opportunities. You never know what would happen. The way you live is not necessarily the way you like.

Q5 Do you have problems that you can’t solve when dealing with the company? Do you feel stress out sometimes? You never bring negative feelings home, is this because you have a good ability to regulate your emotions or you just hide them from mom and me, to protect us from being hurts?

To be honest, when I’m dealing with the company, I will encounter problems beyond my ability, because everyone’s ability is limited. And yes, I have pressure sometimes at every stage. But these are all not a big deal, because the world of an adult can’t be perfect all the time.

About the negative emotion, I think I shouldn’t bring it home, because as an adult, especially as a male adult, I should have the ability of regulating my bad feelings. I have to admit that I sometimes hide negative emotions that I can’t adjust to in a short time.

 Okay, that’s all for today. Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you for your listening.


6.A letter to future self


I’m you from the past. I have some goals, and I hope you already made them come true. As you know, I always want to be a photographer,have my own studio,a home with white furniture. Also I want to have a huge dog. If you already have one, please take good care of him, or her.

I want to learn more about photography, painting, and playing basketball as always, so please keep working hard to do those as good as you can.

One thing that you should never forget is, keeping touch with your best friend, she’s so important for me. The happiness in my life now is largely due to her, so don’t ever lose her and always be grateful of having her. Also, please take care of mom and dad for me. Dad accompanied me all the time and he’s always trying his best to protect me from being hurt. They’re getting old and I’m growing up. It’s your turn to protect them. Do not let anyone hurts them.

For the environment or the change of things, to hold yourself, even if everything around you become strange, at least let yourself as the original.




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