Week 1

  1. Reflection paragraph of Louise Despont

Louise Despont is an artist who likes to use architectural stencils to create drawings. These materials are easy to get, so she doesn’t need to wait for opportunities or pay lots of money to buy them. For me, I don’t really care about if the materials are easy to get. As long as I know I can get it, I don’t mind to put many efforts to get it, because I’m doing something that I really interested in.

Her studio and home are at the same place, which can make her start to access to work right after waking up. It’s a very smooth transition. I always imagine about what will be my future look like. It’s basically same with Louise Despont’s lifestyle, make the studio and home at the same place, so I could access to my work whenever I want.

Louise Despont thinks that the way she creating artworks are more private and personal that painting. When she working in notebooks, she can make mistakes, because people don’t need to see it. There’s more freedom. Sometimes I don’t want people to see my works either, because it’s an express of my own world. I’d like to make some of works only belongs to myself without showing to others.

She believes each work is a discovery. She removes the drawing from the total control, only be responsible for her won parts and let something else responsible for other parts, which is very exciting. I always like to make everything under control, but her experiences make me want to try to be more relaxed someday.

2. Field guide


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